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  Manufactured & handbuilt in the UK

  5 Year Warranty on all products

  5 Year Warranty on all products
  Manufactured & handbuilt in the UK

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Rhino Magnetic Wand

A hand-held solution for collecting ferrous waste from around machine tools, drills, saws, punches and workbenches.

a magnetic wand


The Rhino Magnetic Wand is a low-cost hand-held solution for collecting ferrous waste in and around small or confined spaces, with a waste release mechanism, making it the perfect complement to our extensive range of magnetic sweepers.

The wand is available in 3 different lengths and each one is built to order with an optimised magnet length and field pattern to perfectly suit your particular application.

Fitted with permanent neodymium magnets, the Rhino Magnetic Wand has a powerful lift and hold capability, allowing it to pick up nuts, bolts, and components (perfect for transferring assembly components from bulk containers), but also ideal for clearing areas around machine tools and workbenches of swarf, grinding dust, cutting waste, etc.

Releasing the waste is achieved by simply pulling the release rod over a waste-bin or collection tray, enabling safe disposal.

We manufacture the magnetic wand from high grade stainless steel and, as with all our products, has been designed for use in harsh industrial environments. The magnets will perform for over 50 years and the wand requires no maintenance.

The Rhino magnetic wand carries our 5 year warranty against faulty parts or manufacture and is manufactured, by us, in the UK.


  • Available in 3 standard lengths: 350mm, 750mm & 950mm
  • Waste release mechanism
  • Magnet length and field to suit application
  • Neodymium magnets
  • High grade stainless steel
  • Maintenance free
  • 5 Year Warranty

Common Uses

  • Assembly lines
  • Around machine tools
  • Workbenches
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Magnetic Sweeper Safety Data (PDF)

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  Manufactured & handbuilt in the UK

  5 Year Warranty on all products