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  Manufactured & handbuilt in the UK

  5 Year Warranty on all products

  5 Year Warranty on all products
  Manufactured & handbuilt in the UK

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Rhino and Nailbiter
Magnetic Sweepers

  • Rhino Magnetic Wand

    A hand-held solution for collecting ferrous waste from around machine tools, drills, saws, punches and workbenches.

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  • Nailbiter Magnetic Broom

    A low cost industrial grade solution for collecting metal waste, ideal for preventing punctures in car parks

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  • Rhino R-300 Workspace Magnetic Sweeper

    The Rhino R-300 is ideal around workbenches and production lines with easy release of collected items.

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  • Rhino R Series Industrial Magnetic Sweeper

    With a release mechanism, height adjustment and a collection tray, the R Series is the industry standard sweeper for frequent operations.

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  • Rhino SCF Forklift Magnetic Sweeper

    The Rhino SCF is designed to operate in arduous industrial conditions with a waste release lever for easy operation.

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  • Rhino SCT Towable Magnetic Sweeper

    The Rhino SCT is designed to operate in arduous industrial conditions. With a waste release lever, ride height adjustment and tow-bar height adjustment.

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  • Rhino SCT-X Towable Magnetic Sweepers

    The Rhino SCT-X are individual towed units that can be linked side-by-side to clear larger areas such as airports and container terminals. With a waste release lever, ride height adjustment and tow-bar height adjustment.

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Welcome to Rhino Magnetic Sweepers

The original manufacturer of magnetic sweepers.

At Rhino, we have been designing and manufacturing magnetic sweepers for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on being the original manufacturers of magnetic sweepers, whilst also having the worlds largest product range. From hand-held, to vehicle mounted, we have a sweeper to suit your every need.

What is a Magnetic Sweeper?

A magnetic sweeper is a tool or machine that facilitates in the collection of ferrous waste or debris. They are extremely helpful with the reduction of time spent clearing areas, and also the costs associated with repairing punctures and other damage to vehicles and plant machinery.

Our range of magnetic sweepers are built for continuous use in arduous industrial conditions in order to be used in a variety of environments. These can include car parks, factories, shot-blasting, production lines, airports, and many more. In fact, anywhere that damaging and dangerous ferrous debris is present!

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If none of our products fit your application, don’t worry. As manufacturers, we have the ability to make any modifications that you require, so please feel free to get in touch and discuss the possibilities! Take a look at some of our previous modifications here.

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I have been very impressed with the Nailbiter magnetic sweeper. I received impeccable service from the start, with excellent guidance and customer care from the office to a very efficient delivery service with the sweeper arriving the next day...

Carol, Wimbledon Village Stables

  Manufactured & handbuilt in the UK

  5 Year Warranty on all products