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  Manufactured & handbuilt in the UK

  5 Year Warranty on all products

  5 Year Warranty on all products
  Manufactured & handbuilt in the UK

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Rhino R Series Industrial Magnetic Sweeper

With a release mechanism, height adjustment and a collection tray, the R Series is the industry standard sweeper for frequent operations.

Both sizes of the industrial magnetic sweepers
Front view of the 600mm industrial magnetic sweeper with waste-pan & brush
Front view of the 900mm industrial magnetic sweeper with waste-pan & brush


The Rhino R Series industrial magnetic sweepers are industrial grade, pedestrian operated, ferrous waste clearing machines with waste release mechanisms. Designed to work at a brisk walking pace, the R series will collect all types of ferrous waste (including shot-blast, nuts, bolts, screws, swarf, off-cuts etc.), making it ideal for regular clearing of areas such as shot blasting facilities, workshops and transport yards.

Available in 2 magnet widths, with height adjustment, solid tyred front wheels and a rear castor, the R series are extremely manoeuvrable and will cope with bulky waste and uneven surfaces, in all environments and conditions, even in standing water.

Releasing the waste is simply achieved by operating the release lever on the front of the handle, pulling the sweeper away, and collecting the waste using the brush and waste-pan provided.

The Rhino R Series industrial magnetic sweepers are built around substantial aluminium castings, optimising them for continuous hard work in arduous industrial conditions. They house very powerful, permanent, anisotropic ferrite magnets, need no maintenance are always ready for immediate use.

The Rhino R-Series models carry our 5 year warranty against faulty parts or manufacture and is manufactured, by us, in the UK.

Please note: Product supplied will be actually be blue


  • Available in 600mm & 900mm magnet widths (R Series 300mm workspace sweeper also available)
  • Waste release mechanism
  • Height adjustment
  • Waste-pan & brush included
  • Industrial grade
  • Maintenance free
  • 5 Year Warranty

Common Uses

  • Shot-Blasting
  • Car plants
  • Press-works
  • Recycling centres
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Product Specification

Magnet Width (mm)
600 / 900

Overall Width (mm)
740 / 1040

Ground Clearance (mm)

Wheel Diameter (mm)

Max. Operating Speed

Magnetic Area (CM/2)
1200 / 1800

Cleaning Capacity (m2 Per Hour)
3900 / 5850

Weight (kg)
36 / 46


Magnetic Sweeper Safety Data (PDF)

Rhino R600 / R900 Operating Instructions (PDF)

Product Comparison Chart (PDF)

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  Manufactured & handbuilt in the UK

  5 Year Warranty on all products