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  Manufactured & handbuilt in the UK

  5 Year Warranty on all products

  5 Year Warranty on all products
  Manufactured & handbuilt in the UK

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Nailbiter Magnetic Broom

A low cost industrial grade solution for collecting metal waste, ideal for preventing punctures in car parks

The 2 different sizes of Nailbiter magnetic broom
The Nailbiter magnetic broom will collect all ferrous waste
The Nailbiter 600 magnetic broom - 600mm magnet width
The Nailbiter 900 magnetic broom - 900mm magnet width


The Nailbiter magnetic broom is an industrial grade, pedestrian operated, ferrous waste clearing machine. Designed to work at a brisk walking pace, the Nailbiter will collect all types of ferrous waste (including nails, screws, swarf, off-cuts etc.), making it ideal for clearing areas such as car parks, workshops, transport yards and even horse enclosures.

Available in 2 magnet widths, with large solid-tyred 250mm wheels, 70mm ground clearance and a waste collection tray and scraper included, the Nailbiter is the perfect addition to all site maintenance operations. Its simple design and lack of moving parts make it light to push and extremely effective in all conditions and environments, even in standing water.

Clearing the magnetic broom is easily achieved by pushing the handle away from you until it rests on the floor (exposing the base), positioning the collection tray underneath and using the aluminium scraper to slide the waste onto the tray.

The Nailbiter has a powder-coated finish and contains powerful anisotropic ceramic magnets with a life of over 50 years that are sheathed in stainless steel, meaning it will survive even the most harsh industrial applications.

The Nailbiter magnetic broom carries our 5 year warranty against faulty parts or manufacture and is manufactured, by us, in the UK.


  • Available in 600mm and 900mm magnet widths
  • Includes waste collection tray and aluminium scraper
  • 70mm ground clearance
  • Industrial grade
  • Maintenance free
  • 5 Year Warranty

Common Uses

  • Carparks
  • Workshops
  • Horse enclosures
  • Bonfires
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Product Specification

Magnet Width (mm)
600 / 900

Overall Width (mm)
750 / 1050

Ground Clearance (mm)

Wheel Diameter (mm)

Max. Operating Speed

Magnetic Area (CM/2)
960 / 1440

Cleaning Capacity (m2 Per Hour)
3900 / 5850

Weight (kg)
25 / 30


Magnetic Sweeper Safety Data (PDF)

Product Comparison Chart (PDF)

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  Manufactured & handbuilt in the UK

  5 Year Warranty on all products