Rhino R-300 Workspace Magnetic Sweeper

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The Rhino R-300 is ideal around workbenches and production lines with easy release of collected items.


The Rhino R-300 workspace magnetic sweeper is a small, industrial grade, pedestrian operated ferrous waste clearing machine with waste release mechanism. Designed to work in small or confined spaces, the R-300 will collect all types of ferrous waste (including nuts, bolts, screws, swarf, off-cuts etc.), making it ideal for regular clearing of tight areas, such as, around workbenches, machine tools, production/assembly lines and workshops.

With an overall width of 395mm and a hinged handle, giving it the ability to lay flat, the R-300 is ideal for operating in hard-to-reach places and under workbenches. Subsequently, the clearing of dangerous and damaging waste takes seconds. The R-300 handle stands vertically when parked. (Take a look at our Magnetic Wand for those really hard-to-reach places)

Releasing the waste is simply achieved by positioning the sweeper over a waste-bin or collection tray and pulling the hand-grip on the top of the handle. The waste can then be disposed of safely.

The Rhino R-300 workspace magnetic sweeper is built around a substantial aluminium casting, optimising it for continuous hard work in arduous industrial conditions. It houses very powerful, permanent, anisotropic ferrite magnets, need no maintenance and are always ready for immediate use.

The Rhino R-Series models carry our 5 year warranty against faulty parts or manufacture and is manufactured, by us, in the UK.


  • Waste release mechanism
  • Hinged handle
  • Aluminium casting
  • Industrial grade
  • Maintenance free
  • 5 Year Warranty

Common Uses

  • Around workstations
  • Production lines
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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Magnet Width (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Ground Clearance (mm)


Wheel Diameter (mm)


Max. Operating Speed


Magnetic Area (CM/2)


Cleaning Capacity (m2 Per Hour)